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I'm a graphic designer, teacher and now an artist.


It was not until two years ago that I took painting seriously, and put more time and energy into it. 

I use acrylic on canvas mostly and paint both abstract and figurative images. The ideas derives from my memory, or I borrow lines from nature/photos, always adding an artistic atmosphere, or a new dimension. To paint for me is both therapeutic and the actual essence of life. The process in itself is so full of love, its peaceful and takes my mind away from stress and worries.


The best thing about creating a painting is the actual process in front of the canvas. It is as if the colours, my mood and techniques at hand, is guiding my into the motives, while building layers of meaning. 

You can find my master thesis (in Norwegian only) where I discuss the interactions between the digital and material, from a creative viewpoint being a teacher. My background and education is listed below.

About the artwork/prints and my awareness of supporting local industry:

DaleGudbrand trykkeri is printing on Hanemühle artpaper

Mesna Fargehandel is where I buy canvas, colours and tools

Sagbakken AS is helping me framing prints/originals with art glass

Gausdal Land is where I buy tools/wood for making frames myself

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